Nov 10 2018

Hello Everyone.


A few things have happened this last month. First, our Halloween Dance seemed to be a hit. The chapter actually came out ahead.

I want to thank all the members that pulled together and made the dance happen. I had to stay home and missed it.


We have a newsletter Editor, Law Cribb stepped up and took it over just last week. He has plans to set up a Facebook page for the chapter. We need stories for our website. If you go on a ride or visit another chapter please write about it and get it to Law

We will discuss this at the meeting in more detail.


Linda had taken some pictures at the dance and I sent them to Law. He should have them on the website soon.


Some bad news… Nancy and Chuck are stepping down as ACD at the end of December. They have some family things that will take their time away from being an officer with the chapter. Thank you, Chuck and Nancy, for all your help over the last couple of years.


See you at the meeting on Saturday.



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