News Letter

Hello all,

I have been neglect in writing news letters. But now we have some news.

As of Jan 1st 2019 Linda Bales has stepped down from the position of Treasurer.  I want to thank her for her year of service to the chapter, she saved our bacon and did a great job.

Now we need someone in the chapter to step up and take that position.

WITHOUT a Treasure the chapter cannot exist we will have to drop out of GWRRA and we loose all our funds.

If you want to volunteer call me asap. Our next meeting is March 9th I hope we can install a new Treasurer at that meeting. But we need the volunteer NOW.

We are still without a Chapter Assistant Director also. Both positions need to be filled but treasurer is the most urgent.

Our last meeting was held during the snow storm. Only Bill and myself were there and we had to eat at Kelly’s Café because Little Park was closed.

I am working on our chapter ride and plan for some time in July.

Also do not be afraid to send me articles for the news letter. The more content the better but just small notes are welcome too.

See you at the meeting


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